Model 3:

What is
Model 3?

Model 3 is ideal for those interested in either a short-term or long-term investment that generates predictable returns at specific intervals and terminates on a specific date. These investments are offered in the form of notes for ranging fixed terms. Investors receive interest payments throughout a the fixed term of the note.

Model 3
Investment Details

A Model 3 investment is a purchase of a note issued by WeBuild Management LLC (also referred to as “WeBuild Fund” or “WBF”). The note are available in 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years, beginning from the date of purchase. All notes will be secured by a guaranty by ZL Manager LLC - the parent company of the development projects that are listed on the BuildX platform.

These investments are offered in the form of notes for ranging terms. The return is a non-compounded, fixed annual rate based on the term and principal amount of the note. Notes for longer terms and large principal accrue interest at a higher rate than notes for shorter terms or smaller principal. Interest payments are made on a biannually basis.

Model 3

The benefit of a Model 3 investment is that there are many options but no surprises. Investors may choose among a wide range of available maturity dates and rates of return. Once selected, these terms are locked-in and investors will know exactly when and how much they can expect to be paid. Additionally, offshore investors may be eligible for taxation benefits on the generated returns.

Model 3
Available Opportunities: